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“Finally...Maximize Your Book’s Full Potential as a Profit Machine Using Little-Known, Highly Effective Strategies Anyone Can Master!” 
Let me ask you a simple question...

Would you love to see your books earn you MORE profits than they currently are?

OF COURSE you would...who wouldn't, right?!

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of simple strategies you can implement starting TODAY that can easily boost your book's profit potential by several factors. And the BEST part is that these proven strategies are NOT hard to set up and put into motion. They are based on simple, yet effective strategies that have been by little-known authors and blockbuster bestsellers alike!

Today I would like to share them with YOU so that you, too, can be another SUCCESS STORY for the effectiveness that these strategies offer!
“Maximizing Publishing Profits”
In “Maximizing Publishing Profits,” you will discover:
  • Module 1: Product Development Spiral – There are MANY effective ways you can expand your product line beyond your book. In this module we dig into the most effective options available to you today!
  • Module 2: The “List” Strategy – Every topic and every market offers related data and information that many in your audience would find extremely beneficial. This stealth strategy is one I have used over and over for years!
  • Module 3: Your Book as a Course – I'm JUST going to say it...EVERY non-fiction book CAN be turned into a course! And in MOST cases, that course can EASILY out-earn your book sales. This module shows you how!
  • Module 4: The 7 “Must-Do’s” to Generate Sales – These 7 principles can be applied to ANY type of product you wish to sell, including books. I consider these every bit as important as your actual products!
  • Module 5: Book Marketing Must-Do's – Believe it or not, good book marketing is actually pretty straight-forward. This module lays out exactly what you should be doing to help your book succeed!
  • Module 6: Selling Your Books and Products Wholesale – One of the smartest new selling strategies you can use today is to sell wholesale to retail. With a flood of new sites that help you accomplish that, this module shows how to make that a reality for your OWN book and products!
  • BONUS Module 7: Getting Started With Kindle Vella – Amazon recently launched a new way to profit with your book called, Kindle Vella. In this bonus module, I break down exactly what it is, how it works, and whether or not it is a good fit for YOUR book.
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In these LIVE-Taught training modules, you will be equipped with some of the latest and best strategies you can use TODAY to Maximize Your Publishing Profits! Whether you publish children's books, non-fiction, fiction, low-content books like journals or puzzle books or something else, this training is perfect for you!
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   • BONUS: Getting Started With Kindle Vella
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