“Can AI Robots Actually Write & Illustrate Children’s Books Better Than You Can?” 
The Answer MAY Surprise You!” 
I was SHOCKED with the result. I got the idea while driving home from the mountains, “I wonder what would happen if I asked AI to write me a children’s story? Could it do it? Would the AI produce a result that was actually USABLE to create a Children’s Book from? When I got home, I launched the AI website and asked it to write a children’s story about a little girl who finds a magical pebble. Here is the very first result I generated...
One day, while out exploring in the woods, a little girl discovered a magical pebble. The pebble was unlike any she had ever seen before and it seemed to have a strange power. When she held it in her hand, she felt a warm tingling sensation and she knew that this pebble was special. The little girl took the pebble home with her and soon found that it had the power to make her wishes come true. She wished for a new toy and, sure enough, the next day a package arrived on her doorstep. She wished for a new dress and, again, her wish came true. The little girl was very excited at first but soon realized that the pebble was making her greedy. She started to wish for more and more things and became very unhappy. One day, she wished that she had never found the pebble in the first place. Immediately, the pebble lost its power and the little girl was back to where she had started. She learned that it's not the things that we have that make us happy, but it's what we do with what we have that counts.
Honestly, it’s not bad at all! I was a bit stunned by the result. I generated story after story...my goal being to see what the AI could REALLY do (or NOT do). But over and over the AI cranked out results that were MUCH better than just okay! Of course, the NEXT step was to see if I could create illustrations for one of the stories...this time for a story about a little girl who discovers and befriends a bear cub in the forest. Here are a few sample illustrations I generated:
As you would imagine, I did a LOT of experimenting and testing with a number of the top AI Art generators, but one thing was VERY clear...the process WORKS, and it works well! 

Now it is YOUR turn! I am going to reveal the entire process in a brand-new training that I am sure you're going to love because it removes a LOT of the work and challenges often associated with creating and publishing Children’s Books. Over the years I have shared DOZENS of different methods for illustrating children’s books...and those methods STILL work! That said, none of those come close to the flexibility, quality, and opportunity that AI offers you and me...and it is ONLY going to get better! 

This is YOUR invitation to join me in this next, amazing step forward for Writing & Illustrating Children's Books!
“Write & Illustrate Children’s Books Using AI”
In “Write & Illustrate Children’s Books Using AI,” you will discover:
  • Module 1: Character Foundations – Establishing the characters for your story is an essential part of the Children’s Book process. Do you wish your character to be a human, alien, animal, or something else? What is your character’s name? What do they look like? In Foundations, we will dive deep into the answers to these questions and MORE, including how to match together the perfect art styles with your story!
  • Module 2: Writing Your Story Using AI – The latest models of AI do an amazing job at writing Children’s Books! In this module, I will introduce you to the BEST AI writing options and demo the best prompt phrases you can use to generate usable content. We will also cover how to expand on the stories generated, editing the outputs and how to prepare the text for illustration.
  • Module 3: Illustrate Your Story Using AI, Part 1 – The next step in our Children’s Book creation process is the illustrations. In this module, we will focus on how to use the story text to plan for the illustrations you will need for the book, how to adapt the story text into word prompts that will generate the types of illustrations that will match the story and MORE!
  • ​Module 4: Illustrate Your Story Using AI, Part 2 – Once we have the basic illustration concepts created for our story, we will explore how to fine-tune and tweak the AI illustrations to create polished, final art. We will also demo exactly how to prep the illustrations for their needed, final sizes and resolution, how to choose the best illustration for the book cover, and other finishing processes for completing the book.
  • BONUS Video #1 – “Children’s Book Design and Layout” Training (2 Hours 25 Minutes)
  • ​BONUS Video #2 – “Publishing Your Children’s Book” Training (1 Hour 27 Minutes)
  • ​​BONUS Video #3 – “Pre-Sell & Marketing Your Children’s Book” Training (1 Hour 34 Minutes)
Note: The Bonus Videos Are Available Now in the Member’s Area!
In these LIVE-Taught training modules, you will be equipped with some of the latest and best strategies you can use TODAY to publish your OWN Children’s Books Using AI Tools! Whether you are interested in writing and illustrating Children's Books for toddlers, or older children, this training is perfect for you!
Your Investment Today...
As a Special Introductory Offer, you can Join Me LIVE for ALL 4 Modules, gain access to ALL the Replays, Get the Slide PDFs, and the Bonus Training for a heavily discounted price of just:
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This offer includes the following...

   • LIVE Training Plus Ongoing Access for All 4 Modules
   • Slide PDFs for All 4 Modules
   • BONUS Video #1 – “Children’s Book Design and Layout” Training
​   • BONUS Video #2 – “Publishing Your Children’s Book” Training
​​   • BONUS Video #3 – “Pre-Sell & Marketing Your Children’s Book” Training
Refund Policy: All Sales Are Final! Due to the live-taught nature of this training and the heavily discounted, immense value included, NO REFUNDS will be offered. Everything you need to make an educated buying decision is included in the sales copy above. Thank you!
“AI Storytelling Bundle!”
The “AI Storytelling Bundle” includes the following Courses...

   • Write & Illustrate Children’s Books Using AI (4 Modules + 3 Bonus Video Trainings) $297
   • Illustrate Your Stories: AI Edition (3 Modules + 4 Bonus Videos) $197
   • AI Illustration for Low-Content Books (3 Modules) $197
   • Hardcover Publishing Secrets (3 Modules + Publishing Checklist Video) $197
   • AI Art Kickstart PDF (162 pages + 2 Videos) $197
   • Word Prompt Kickstart PDF (106 pages, 4,300+ prompts + Video) $197

Your Investment Today...
Just $1,282 $197!
Refund Policy: All Sales Are Final! Due to the live-taught nature of this training and the heavily discounted, immense value included, NO REFUNDS will be offered. Everything you need to make an educated buying decision is included in the sales copy above. Thank you!
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