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“Finally...Easily Capitalize on the Hardcover
Book Trend to Create Higher Quality, Full-Color (and Black Ink) Books People Will Love!” 
It has never been easier to publish your own book, ESPECIALLY paperback books. There are PLENTY of options...especially with companies like KDP Print and IngramSpark offering quick turnaround times and reasonable costs. But when it comes to HARDCOVER books, that hasn't been the case! The few options we have had available to us were either ridiculously expensive or offered a quality that was...well...less than ideal!

The AWESOME news is that changes and newly added publishing options have FINALLY put creating Hardcover books within reach for ANYONE to publish with great results! And the BEST part is that these new publishing options are priced VERY reasonably!

As you would imagine, there are STILL key publishing strategies you'll want to leverage to ensure you can consistently (and easily) publish your OWN Hardcover books! Honestly, with the rise in quality photography from mobile devices, the increase in high-quality illustrations from AI-Based software, and other content creation options, NOW is the perfect time to publish your creations as next-level, professional-looking Hardcover books!
“Hardcover Publishing Secrets”
In “Hardcover Publishing Secrets,” you will discover:
  • Module 1: KDP Print's NEW Hardcover Option – Amazon and their KDP Print platform FINALLY added a Hardcover option for both Black Ink and Full Color Interiors. Discover EVERYTHING you need to know and understand to take advantage of this new option for both new books AND existing titles!
  • Module 2: Other On-Demand Hardcover Options – KDP Print isn't the ONLY game in town who offers Hardcover books. In this module we look at other on-demand Hardcover options to see how they stack up against KDP's offering.
  • Module 3: Small-Run Printers and Hardcover Printing – We have gotten SO used to on-demand publishing options that we seldom even consider short-run printers as a consideration. The reality is that, if you need books in quantity, you cannot overlook THIS printing option!
  • BONUS – Publishing Checklist Video Training – In this video training, I break down, step-by-step, every process you need to consider when publishing your book, including both your book's Interior content and Cover! Also included is the Slide PDF for you to print and use for your own book publishing process.
In these LIVE-Taught training modules, you will be equipped with some of the latest and best strategies you can use TODAY to publish your OWN Hardcover books! Whether you publish children's books, non-fiction, fiction...or even low-content books like journals or puzzle books or something else, this training is perfect for you!
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   • LIVE Training Plus Ongoing Access for All 3 Modules
   • Slide PDFs for All 3 Modules
   • BONUS: Publishing Checklist Video Training
Class Schedule: Monday’s – October 11, 18, & 25 at 6pm ET!
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